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Исполнитель: Ja Rule
Название песни: We Here Now
Текст песни добавил: CRACK
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Ja Rule - We Here Now текст песни, lyrics


Yeah we here now
Don't get scared now
Ja Rule nigga about to tear shit down
What ya'll thought ya'll was going eat forever
and my dog wouldn't blaze heat for cheddar
We better eat together or meet at the cross road
'Cause the Lord knows it's murder hold those
When your casket close and your should rise high
Remember the dead don't die unless they fuck wit' I

Verse 1

Niggas know who don't you shit
The flow is retched and my gee too futuristic for you hoe's to catch it
I'm a god send the falling angel and I do sin
Far from perfection but still considered a gem
Thank you Lord for given me the wind beneath my wings
When the miracle spittin there shall be no witnesses
To the pain and my ignorance, I charge to the game
So many love and slain by bullets wit dead aim
I weathered the change
Stormed through the streets in the range, can't complain
A nigga live to die in the flames
Casue i torture J to A the Rule
Niggas can't be seriously fucking wit me
What you holla R-U-L-E 'bout, we can hit up an alley and air out
Bullets exit the barrel, holla enter your month
That's how i'm built
Under the floss there nothing but filth
Don't let it fool you
I still let these slugs heat up and cool you off forever more
So help me Lord
Gonna find a way to my grave just because i'm Mur-der-er, whole not part
Cut me open, i bleed for the INC from the heart
When i start it's usually endless
Pop one with gloves on, make u check with forensic, son
In your appendix, son, you got hit up, huh, fucking wit Ja you know it's


Verse 2

R-U-L-E spits monotonous
Hot as apocalypse, now you eying this ferocious mic supremacist
Whose limit is endless
This nigga don't risen murderous flows killed suspicion
Niggas is too light in the ass to be shitting
Hollis ave, historical nigga respect tradition
Cause all i see is blooshed and niggas gunning em' down, and you confess
that i'm so who's touching me now
Shipped three hundred with a freestyle fucking you up
And got them hoes in the back rows tossing it up
i got the touch cause' my flow is bananas, bitches can't stand us
We ghetto fabulous, aim when i bust and blast on surprise
If ya'll nigga don't know you need to see me live
I'm like two 45's spitting in every direction
ya'll niggas is hoe's in stelleto and thongs, it's a break of a new day
Maybe you'll get to see vilntly what drives me
Take em'  back to the gutter, smother the world in filth
rule's the name and now you're going to see how i'm built, nigga.


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