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Исполнитель: Ja Rule
Название песни: Count On Your Nigga
Текст песни добавил: CRACK
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Ja Rule - Count On Your Nigga текст песни, lyrics

Verse 1

Look at my life style it's dangerous
When i was young this saught of life was contagious
Hustling hard like them shark down in Vegas
My gat and I come buss spontaneious
This world made us only to take what they gave us
The game is our loss watch yo gloat
Then show you that this world ain't yours push crack like swinging doors
And leave strips wide open Ja's holding a pair of mines and yawl cats folding
My life ain't been at all goldin this rhyme hit me at a young age
And kept calling i know i'm falling, to the evil of money and drugs
And loss woman but that's what i'm loving about living
Being I see my birth as a given
Knowing my inner limits this game ain't no scrimage
let's play big were winners
Beg the lord for forgiveness for when i die please take me off your shit list
Cause i'll be nameless
Puttin me through changes the J to the A niggas know the flows crazy

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2

I got a lust for this money
Admire them old timers, assume with no conscience
Made aa word so chaotic, opened up my mind and introduced me to narcotics
Brand new wips not this thicks the hottest chicks
I just can't seem to keep them off of my dicks
The difference is yawl did yawl thing on the low, made a lot of doe
We did our thing hihg pro thought
We still blew I wish I knew dirty money was evil
I never understood till I lost a few people
Dead and gone still their memory lives on throw a mural up
Let them niggas know their was loved now we're in to better thing
Got our hands on ring crime in the streets cause it's my time
I drag think line between love and war
Really nigga you with me your flossing out side, that you fear me literally
Strait up and down with no cross as God as my witness
And Ja is yours i'm a spit in your directions hit the floor nigga

Chorus (2x)

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