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Исполнитель: Eyes set to kill
Название песни: Pure White Lace
Альбом: When Silence Is Broken, The Night Is Torn (2006)
Текст песни добавил: Darya
1080 просмотров с 2009-01-01 21:28:00
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Eyes set to kill - Pure White Lace текст песни, lyrics

Always forgive, 
never forget 
Its just like me to pretend 
and give into her every need 
showing no signs of defeat 
Thirsting for you, 
Thirsting for the tears you cry 
Waiting for you, 
Waiting for your pleading cries 
Don't be blinded by her 
Don't be blinded; its disguise 
Don't be blinded by her eyes 
Skin so soft and pure white lace 
Beauty takes control of you 
Don't be blinded by her eyes 
Don't be blinded its disguise 
Shell suck every inch of life from deep inside of you. 
Her burning passion for hate takes control of you 
every inch of light from deep inside 
my only regret lies in all the nights 
spine removed from back, 
faced down on the floor. 
I offered her my heart, 
but still she wanted more 
Skin so soft 
Beauty is only skin deep. 
Pure white lace; 
is enough to cut through, 
exposing what's beneath

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