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Исполнитель: In Fear and Faith
Название песни: The End
Текст песни добавил: _umni4ka_
1346 просмотров с 2009-01-01 21:32:33
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In Fear and Faith - The End текст песни, lyrics

Hold strong come from behind. 
Take them down! 
Replace fear with pride, hold your ground 
We've made our choice, between life and death. 
And we chose to die. 
We tried changing the past, or so they say... 
Please wake me up... 
Because this is, yes this is the way we will end. 
Don't look back there is nothing left! 
And this is why we run, run. 
Save us from the end of everything we know. 
Sold ourselves out. 
Even though we are nearing the end. 
And this is why we run, run. 
Save us from the end of everything we love. 
We'll give them nothing, we'll take everything from them 
So take your best shot. 
Give it your all and we'll do the same. 
Just remember that everyone will know our name. 
We live forever, no one could ever take our place. 
We will be erased! 
Take our hands and lead us away 
We took the hard road. 
We fight alone to save our name. 
We know the difference, you are the ones to blame

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