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Исполнитель: Machinemade God
Название песни: Losses To Lessons
Текст песни добавил: _umni4ka_
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Machinemade God - Losses To Lessons текст песни, lyrics

Why did we break up like this? 
What went wrong? 
What has become of us? 
Tell me where our love is! 
How could we fuckin let it end like this? 
Why is it so hard to let go? 
Since days I haven't been eating, I have not been sleeping... 

...but I won't give up dreaming of getting back what we once had. 
Erase all unwanted memories, there's no happy ending in this plot. 
I might be tough but I'm not heartless, 
I need time to get over it, cause I'm not! 
Why do I love what I cannot have? 
Do you know what you did when you left? 

You took the knife and finished your work, 
traced the scars you caused with your selfishness 
digged deep in my wounds caused by your lack or trust 
drew patterns on my wrists with your hateful words 
left me sat there streaming crimson tears 
that you enduced and then the final blow that killed everything... Breakdown 

Burned vision, eyes swen shut from the dry air. 
I'm staring at the clock, forgetting to blink 
Time must do me this one favour and move hastily along 
because I know no patience when I'm dying from absence 
I turn my loses into lessons 
no time for regrets

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