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Исполнитель: Poets Of The Fall
Название песни: Fragile
Альбом: Revolution Roulette
Текст песни добавил: DiseD
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Poets Of The Fall - Fragile текст песни, lyrics

You’ve been biting bullets all these years, I know,
There beside yourself choking on tears,
And you aced avoiding possibility
When you placed your beds on bittersweet.

Now, don’t you worry,
No need to be sorry,
Time to step lightly…

‘Cause the love you used to feel is still there, inside;
It may be a faded photograph, but I know you care
So don’t hide.
If you’re scared I’m here beside you,
If you get lost I’m here to guide you,
And I’ll give you peace when peace is fragile.
Love is all the good in you,
Love is peace when peace is fragile.

You’ve been going out of way to agree,
And you’ve been rubbing yourself all wrong
Just to be somebody elses genie.
Catering to your disaster’s every need,
Waiting to finally be set free.

I said baby don’t worry,
Life will carry,
Just take it slowly.

‘Cause the love…

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