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Исполнитель: Poets Of The Fall
Название песни: Clevermind
Альбом: Revolution Roulette
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Poets Of The Fall - Clevermind текст песни, lyrics

Looking at the road that rises up ahead,
I thought I’d learned a thing or two…
But this is where it’s all made new, and I–
I gotta throw my hands up
‘Cause I can’t go on if I can’t stop.

The leaves are dead…
The moments gone, there’s no surrender;
Forever now unsaid,
The words that might have warmed December.
It’s all inside your head,
Like fragments of a dream you remember,
So never mind your clever mind, never mind me.

Staring at the ceiling from my bed,
I thought I’d earned a chance or few…
I thought I’d be paid in due
Time isn’t made for waiting,
And past isn’t worth debating.

The leaves are dead…

Feeling like a fool again…
Just need a new direction,
A new beginning, new beginning…
I can’t hold back and I can’t hold on,
It’s all about gratification;
See me running, see me running…

The leaves are dead…

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