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Исполнитель: Sum 41
Название песни: Dave's Possessed Hair / It's What We're All About
Альбом: Half Hour Of Power
Текст песни добавил: DiseD
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Sum 41 - Dave's Possessed Hair / It's What We're All About текст песни, lyrics

Ever get the feeling no one's got your back
Caught up in themselves livin' lies besides the fact
Somehow you're going on an opposite track
As we recover from another social heart attack

You think you see between the lines
But you can't see through dollar signs

So sick and tasteless now
Immature and faceless how
Can I even sleep at night you ask
You say you're a pacifist
Instead you wave your fist
And all the while it becomes the end again

Make up your mind cause I can't decide
You think uniqueulism makes you dignified
You can't see with half opened eyes
You think you're standing up instead you're falling far behind

What I do is what I choose which makes it my decision
If your life was a book your story would be fiction

Nevertheless am I dressed for the occasion 
It's number 32 now here's the situation 
If the beat moves your feet then don't change the station 
Pack your bags cause we're leaving on a permanent vacation 
Well, I'm a disaster 
A microphone master 
Put on the tape, I'll rock your ghetto blaster
It's not about the money, cars, hotels, or resorts
About sweating all the bitches in the biker shorts 
I'm Hot Chocolate and you'll see me running late
Cause I'm always making time to make your girlie feel great
And I'm Bizzy D from way down town
I'm known to rock a mic like a king with a crown 
When I'm on top I'm gonna borrow that bootie 
Hustling deals like Micky Macoote
When I wake up I like a pound of bacon
Start off the day with my arteries shaking

It's what were all about it's what we live for
C'mon and shout it out [x4]

You see me in 3D, I'm comin' live and direct 
With a dialect most men in science can't disect 
Thoughts interwoven, and let us interlock
So now it's my thing to blow off steam and get my cream 
Sum 41 get wild, I get frantic 
And every time we spit it the world panicks 
I maybe lost my mind well I ain't through the coop 
But Sum 41 just ain't about a loop 
Ring a ling a ling ding dong tick tock, shit, it's all about rap 
And maybe all about rock!

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