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Исполнитель: Sum 41
Название песни: Heart Attack
Альбом: All Killer No Feller
Текст песни добавил: DiseD
1459 просмотров с 2009-01-04 20:58:41
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Sum 41 - Heart Attack текст песни, lyrics

Remember when there was nothing else to do, but lie in bed and, 
wonder how it was always up to you, and no one else and,
Early mornings, plagued by warnings, what's the point of the alarm that I'm ignoring?
It's even raining, I'm not complaining, but waking up is hard to do so,

Turn my head its back to bed with no delay, 
Can't be bothered by the phone ten times a day, 
Why get up when morning doesn't even start till two?
Forget reality waking up is hard to do.

Remember when we would hang out every day, and we would rather,
Not be told what to do or what to say, cause nothing mattered.
Never boring, slept in mornings, not ashamed of the habits that I'm forming.
Its not important if days are shortened, I can't make time when nothings new,
Cause waking up is hard to do so,

What's a day when it all ends up the same, and lasts forever?
Can't complain when there's nothing there to blame, and things can't be better.
Summer evenings, teenage grievings, got no problem with the life that I've been leading.
No concentration on hesitation, I can't make time when nothings new, 
Cause waking up is hard to do so!

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