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Исполнитель: Everlast
Название песни: Never Missin A Beat
Текст песни добавил: AnGeL_VapLaty
1227 просмотров с 2009-01-23 19:43:15
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Everlast - Never Missin A Beat текст песни, lyrics

Everlast Lyrics

Never Missin' A Beat

Listen up, learn, you'll get your turn
I'm sendin this out to all it may concern
The party master Everlast is here
Before we begin I'm gonna make this clear
I take no short cuts, Bilal adds dope cuts
If girls were around I'd grab and grope butts
And if she got a man and he tries to step up
It's ashes to ashes and dust gets swept up
Tryin to step to me, boy, you must be sick
Got a nine in my pocket, takin heads out quick
I make my music loud, my parents proud
There's not an artist alive drawing a better crowd
Than the Everlasting operator droppin a groove
To make you get up and dance while I bust this move
And talk about myself, I don't need a partner
Bilal has the cuts, then I'll help start the
Show, let a lyric flow and you'll know
I make you jump up out your seats, scream and say "ho!"
You fall back down completely exhausted
Once you had the sound, but now it seems you lost it
You're worn out, you can't take no more
Since Everlast and Bilal took control of the floor
So jump out your seat, move your feet cause the beat's complete
I'm never missin a beat

(Never missin a beat) --> George Clinton

There's no need for askin, I'm the Everlastin
My mind is a poll and I'm gonna cast in
The ocean of words and pull out a new rhyme
And if it feels good, then I'll do it two times
Or maybe three, four, or even five times
When I'm done Bilal cuts up my rhyme
He's my partner, not a stand-in
On a 'highway to heaven' just like Mike Landon
And when it comes to battles my boy's a sure win
He's been in more scandals than J.R. Ewing
Busted up more parties than five-o

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