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Исполнитель: Everlast
Название песни: Painkillers
Текст песни добавил: AnGeL_VapLaty
1338 просмотров с 2009-01-23 19:47:06
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Everlast - Painkillers текст песни, lyrics

Flight Attendant: On behalf of Pan Am Airlines, we'd like to be the first 
to welcome you to New York City. We'd like to thank you for flying Pan Am. 
The local time is 6:45AM and the temperature is 89?.. 

I've been up all night 
On the redeye flight 
The dawn's early light 
Got the skyline bright 
I'm in the back of a car service 
My driver's kind of nervous 
'Cause I'm tokin' on a blunt that's fat 
You say you know where you at 
I say I know where I am 
And if you really want a tip 
Then Mr. don't get flam 
I ain't tryin' to be rude 
And I ain't stressin' you gramps 
But this shit right here 
It be the breakfast of champs 
I've been tokin' on this since thirteen years old 
And when I look up at my wall I see platinum and gold 
And there ain't nobody sneezin' at the money I fold 
And I ain't here for your pleasin' 
So put that shit on hold 
Just keep your mouth shut and get me to the hotel 
And turn the radio up while I finish this L... 

Bell Boy: Welcome back to the Five Seasons Mr. Ford, your usual room 
is ready and waiting. Let me take your luggage. If you need anything while 
you're staying, just let me know. 
Everlast: Good lookin' out...That's for you. 

I hop out my car 
Step into the lobby 
Everybody's on the floor (get down) 
It's a mother****in' robbery 
The shit's in progress 
I can feel the stress 
I wanna silenty to God how I get in this mess 
They tell me to freeze and get down on my knees 
Between my jewels and my cash 
I'm holdin' thirty five G's 
They told me to run it 
So I got bold and I front it 
And like Slick Rick said 
I know I shouldn't of done it 
'Cause now they standin' over me 
Watchin' me bleed 
Damn, I got to quit smokin' all this weed 
There's a pain in my chest 
But yo, I must be blessed 
Because before I faded out I saw the EMS 
The paramedics 
They greet me with some anesthetics 
They killin' my pain 
They screamin' my name 
Tryin' to keep me in the conscious world 
I'm thinkin' about my mom 
My sister and my girl 
I'm prayin' to God 
Don't let this go too far 
As they rush me into the St. Luke's O.R. 
They pull the bullets out my chest 
And give 'em back in a jar 
Now I'm wearin' this scar 
'Cause I tried to play hard 

Doctor: Mr. Ford, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. 
Everlast: What are you talkin' about? 
Doctor: It would appear that one of the bullets grazed your spine and damaged the cord. 
Everlast: So what are you tryin' to tell me? 
Doctor: Well, suffice it to say, I don't think you'll be jumping 
around anymore. 

Yo, this can't happen to me 
I just can't believe it 
Trapped in a wheelchair 
A parapalegic 
There ain't no rehab 
There ain't no therapy 
For the rest of my life 
Somebody's gotta take care of me 
And people stare at me 
With pity in their eyes 
And every mornin' I rise to a life of despise 
And ever night I think I might never rock the mic again 
'Cause my brain's ****ed up on percacet and vicadin 
Might as well be heroin pulsin' through my veins 
Gotta kill these pains 
Or blow out my brains 
To free me from these chains 
I'm trapped in this physical hell 
To walk again I just might sell my soul 
And I'm only twenty somethin' years old (years old)

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