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Исполнитель: Everlast
Название песни: Pass It On
Текст песни добавил: AnGeL_VapLaty
2045 просмотров с 2009-01-23 19:47:26
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Everlast - Pass It On текст песни, lyrics

(Ladies and gentlemen 
we have) 
(in the house tonight 
I think they got somethin they wanna say) 

I'm here to uplift, I don't bug, I don't drift 
Away from my subjects, not even if 
My music stops or my beat is gone 
I'm just here to express myself and pass it on 

(So funky) 

[ VERSE 1: Everlast ] 
Speakin much words of wisdom, Everlast has the jism 
So sit back, relax, kick up your feet and listen 
To E cause that's me, no others can be 
Half as fine, I blow your mind with an m-i-c 
Get off the tip quick, boy, you're makin me sick 
No other partner could be smarter than my man Kool Nick 
Understand, he's my man with the plan 
We come to parties with the posse just to gain some fans 
The posse is strong, the lines are long 
People flockin to my shows just to hear a song 
Like this, it's not a diss, it's a mouthful of bliss 
Throw your hands in the air and blow me a kiss 
From the crowd cause I'm proud, I say my name loud 
Everlast pounds sounds like a thundering cloud 
It's not rock 'n roll, it's hip-hop music 
It's got a lot of soul if you learn how to use it 
Well, I'm here to tell suckers go to hell 
Others tried to take me down but they're the ones who fell 
Ignorance was their downfall 
Take it a little at a time, don't go for it all 
At once cause that's stupid, it don't make sense 
Just relax and move your body, don't look so tense 
I'm not here to diss nobody, I'm just havin some fun 
Everlast last forever, that's why I'm number one 
So pass it on 

[ VERSE 2: Everlast ] 
With a forty in my fist breakin out my list 
Of all the suckers I'm cold about to diss 
There's none to match me or even catch me 
Off my guard, so that they can scratch me 
Off the MC all-star team 
Everlast is number one, that means I reign supreme 
Cause there ain't no others, listen up brothers 
Just because I'm white don't mean that I'm another 
Sucker on the microphone frontin and fakin 
Not Mexican, Asian, black or Jamaican 
Just a sensation made to be caucasian 
Get ready brothers, here comes an invasion 
Don't try to stop it, you got a rhyme? Drop it 
You might detect that respect's my topic 
I won't rush it but I'll discuss it 
Go ahead and pop your shot if you think that you can bust it 
But I'ma go on, I'm gonna talk some more 
I guarantee you won't be bored if you get on the floor 
And go for yours and say that you get it 
Get up, get out your seats, get on the floor and get with it 
And listen to the rhyme I like to call mine 
I re-rehearsed every verse and soon you will find 
Not one mistake, so don't try to break 
Or talk about takin out the dope rhymes I make 
Just pass em on 

[ VERSE 3: Everlast ] 
You're goin wild for my flow and style 
I don't stutter, I utter words versatile 
I'm entertainin with my brain and always wearin a smile 
I don't front, I don't fake, I run the whole mile 
You clap cause my snap is like a crocodile 
Whether I'm on stage or in my domicile 
I'm not fiendin, I don't smoke, I tell you I'm no joke 
You're schemin for my lyrics cause you know I did dope 
Don't give me no Moлt, pour me a glass of rose 
And I'll say 'skal' to your health and then I'll blow you away 
Not Simple Simon on the ( ? ) just rhymin from Long Island 
The rungs on the ladder of success I'm climbin 
Fierce like a lion keepin ducks tame 
Murderin two-bit MC's until none remain 
Cold gettin dumb, I'm number one shinin like the sun 
With a mic in my holster and I'm on the run 
Gunnin down MC's and writin on the walls 
I'm ready for a showdown if you got the balls 
Commence, face my offense cause you're makin me tense 
I make a lotta dollars but I make more sense 
So pass it on 

[ VERSE 4: Everlast ] 
Pass it on, pass it down the line 
I can throw with the best and go rhyme for rhyme 
With any sucker claimin talent, thinkin that he got some 
But what you do not realize is Everlast is number one 
Cause Everlast is on a superior level 
Go ahead and laugh, call me a devil 
I won't care, yeah, my skin is fair 
But I still go rhyme for rhyme anytime or -where 
With you or any party or crew 
And when I finished you're diminished, take a sip of my brew 
And step off, clear my throat with a cough 
And bust a move to show and prove that I'm hard not soft 
And with my DJ Bilal my beat will be furnished 
You find with my rhyme your mind will be nourished 
With wisdom and knowledge, yeah, I went to college 
And if you get dissed I won't apologize, 
cause that's a part of my rise 
And I go on and on, I go to any length 
Just to show that when I throw my rhymes on the strength 
I like to see the crowd movin when I come on 
I'm just tryin to get my message across and pass it on

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