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Исполнитель: Everlast
Название песни: Whitey
Текст песни добавил: Darya
1096 просмотров с 2009-01-23 20:22:29
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Everlast - Whitey текст песни, lyrics

(Whitey, Whitey)...It's my love 
Punk rock the scar, disco to blues 
Yo, my blue seude shoes got stepped on 
Slept on, the style that I hustle 
You wanna flex then punk make a muscle 
I'm (Whitey, Whitey)...Yeah, that's right 
Some of y'all kiddies wanna act uptight 
Comin' to the party tryin' to spark up fights 
I'm puttin' out lights, boy, 'cause I'm (Whitey, Whitey, Whitey, Whitey...) 
I'm whiter than crack, I'm harder than drugs 
I'm smarter than thugs, I'm hotter than slugs 
I'm faster than sound, I came to get down, boy, don't fuck around 
You'll catch a beat down it's comin' from 
(Whitey, Whitey, Whitey, Whitey...) 

What, you thought I stopped rhymin' 'cause I started signin' 
Pickin' on a six-string, wrist bling blingin' 
Name's bell ringin' from coast to coast 
You're rollin' with the one that rocks the most 
I'm (Whitey, Whitey, Whitey...) 
Official like referees, fuck with me put your egos in jeapordy 
Threats to the right, amigos to the left of me 
Part of me's hellish, part of me's heavenly (Whitey, Whitey, Whitey...) 
Boy, that's my name, I don't do it for the wealth, I don't do it for the fame 
I do it for the health and I do it for the spirit 
Don't speak the lyric if you can't hear it (Whitey, Whitey, Whitey...) 
If it ain't from the heart than it can't be art 
If you ain't got proof than it can't be truth 
If it ain't got legs than it can not run 
If it ain't never started than it can't be done 
I'm (Whitey, Whitey, Whitey, Whitey, Whitey...)

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