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Исполнитель: Tetania
Название песни: Conscience Maniac Called a Man
Альбом: Nocturnal Tale EP
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Tetania - Conscience Maniac Called a Man текст песни, lyrics

Conscience Maniac called a Man

By D.S.
[Nocturnal Tale EP]

The darkest of the creatures
Hidden in the world
The Death will  come along us
You can’t hold it... Hold!

The Maniac from your dream
And now he comes alive
The beast, the beast - you hate him
You know you have to die

To die not physically
To die but for your Fear
Cry, my sister, cry
The Enemy is near

You see his blade upon you
You see his madness eyes
This eyes are mirror for you
The sins you had shall die

The sins of Love and Madness
The sins you ever had
The Man is only for you
... And now you’re not mad

And now the pain is over
And now U are so free
And U can now go further
I’ll know your sins, you’ll see!!!

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