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Исполнитель: Marilyn Manson
Название песни: The Death Song
Альбом: Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death) (2000)
Текст песни добавил: DeineTod
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Marilyn Manson - The Death Song текст песни, lyrics

we're on a bullet 
And We're headed straight in too
Even He'd like to end it too
we take a pill, 
Get a face by a ticket
And We hope that heaven's true
I saw a cop beat a priest on the TV
And Eye know They killed Our heroes too

we 'sing the death song kid
because we've got no future
Want to be just like You?
Wonder Bee just like You
Wannabe justifed you?
Let's sing the death song kids

We're like a candle on an earth
we made into hell
and protect that We're in heaven
Each time We do 
we get the blind man's ticket
and We hope that Nothing's true
I saw priest kill a cop on the TV
and I know they call Us heros too

We sing thee
Death Song kid
Because we've got no future
Wanna to be just like You?
Wonder Bee just like You
Wannabe just like you

We're Singing The Death Song kids
Were "Sing The Death Song kid"

We laugh and prey among you
Yet still you don't see We hare
Dare to skip a beat 

We're "Sing thee Death Song Kids'
Wishing the death song kid?

Right our prayers on a little bum
Kiss It on the faec 
Ascend it to guard

We sting the Death song kid
because we've got no future
Wanna breathe just like You?
Wanna be pissed like you?
We won't end up just like you

New World
'Coz weave got no fee charge
Really wanna be just like You?
What I mean is inside you
War indeed
In rants too 

We've got no fee charge
Wonder Bee inside of you 
Want to be justified too?
Wouldn't Piss on You 
What good wood It do?

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