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Исполнитель: 50 Cent
Название песни: Candy Rap
Текст песни добавил: Darya
1004 просмотров с 2007-12-27 08:44:06
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50 Cent - Candy Rap текст песни, lyrics

(Eminem) This gettin outta hand;Forget the Hook, staright spittin

(50 Cent)

I got ya

Come On...

Yo Ja quit it, your raps are ova
You aren't even good friends no more with homie J-Hova
We all hate u, man "f" your label
You think You got drugs but Your "crack" was left on the table
Smoke it Ja, Go on inhale
All i need is a gun to fuckin make bail
Yayo's comin home soon, better beware
It's G-Unit man guns will do better than cut your hair
Think u swallow X huh, what does it look like?
Mr.Gangsta thinks he needs to smoke to be gangsta, u aint cook right?
Vita, u bia, your rhymes are pretty whack
And Irv you're not Suge stop tryin to deal crack
My guns bullets are 9mm, bigger than your dick
If i want old scool i'll shoot Slick Rick
I'm now and 4-ever man let it be known
Go cry to ur mom, Atkins...Before she too is gone (gunshots)
Murda!!!!No we just dont care
Enter the G-Unit dungeon the Aftermath Lair

(Eminem) Enuff of This candy rap, Ja Rule. You know you're gay when 
you put out a song like Mesmerize.

(beat change to Mesmerize beat)

(50 Cent) 

You're Gay, Yo're a Fag, I hate it when you try and Diss me 
Bring It, Come On You're trying to rap with 50

It's a whole different game being in the hip-hop scene
Venni Vetti Vecci was good, but now you're just not mean
I remember when I used to think you was sick
Now i know what you are, just a small dick
G-Unit got rap covered for many years
I'll dice you up like that guy from the bible chopped his ears
My gun is loaded with about enuff for your whole crew
1 shot kills u and the others die at the sight of you
your mangled body lying in a heap on the floor
Aint got anuff time to go say goodbye to your whore
G-G-G- G Unit man we got the best
Ashanti watch it, you'll be next

(Eminem) Ha Ha Ha It's Over for u assholes!

Beat stops

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