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Исполнитель: Kevin Rudolf
Название песни: I Song
Альбом: In The City (2008)
Текст песни добавил: IYO-Yo
1347 просмотров с 2009-02-06 09:08:20
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Kevin Rudolf - I Song текст песни, lyrics

She walks in the room 
In her mind she's far away 
I can see her emptiness 
But I just don't feel her pain 

The love is gone 
The only thing she was living for 
Mister I'll never leave you 
Walked right out the door, Oh. 

It's killing me inside 
The way I've seen her change 
She writes her life story 
But she can't turn the page 
I hold her had, try to take her 
But she pulls away 
Shades go down, lights go out 
There's nothing left to say 

So I'm singing 
I want it all but I take just a little 
I feel her touch then I need some more 
We get high just to try and relieve the pain 
But a voice inside reminds me there must be a better way, Oh. 

So I leave the room 
'Bout halfway down the hall 
I turn around, she screams out 
What, you don't believe in love. 
Said I'll never be who I was when I was seventeen 
Cause every time I walk away 
I leave a piece of me. 


Now I understand 
What they were trying to say 
Life goes by too fast 
And people change 
But she just wants to be 
Who she always was 
But you can't change a single thing 
You might as well look up and sing 

I, I just take a little 
I then I need some more 
We get high to relieve the pain 
But there is a voice inside me saying you'd better walk away 

And I take just a little 
I, oh to relieve the pain we get high 
Some things never change 
But a voice inside reminds me there must be, 
Be better way.

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