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Исполнитель: Shakira
Название песни: Si Te Vas
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1334 просмотров с 2009-02-20 11:55:33
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Shakira - Si Te Vas ( - If You Go) текст песни, lyrics

tell me what you'll do after seeing her body the first time, 
when your mischievous curiosity dies, 
when you memorize the parts of her body, 
and decide again to comback, 
i won't be here in the same place 
if she doesn't have more than a pair of fingers in front, 
and you discover she doesn't brush her teeth well, 
if she takes the little cents you have, 
and later she leaves you alone like she wants, 
i know you'll comback the day, 
in which she tore you to pieces, 
without pillows to cry on, 
but if you have decided, 
and you don't want me anymore, 
nothing now doesn't matter, 
because without you, 
the world wouldn't be the same to me 

if you go, if you go, if you leave, 
my sky becomes gray, 
if you go, if you go, and you don't, 
have to come for me, 
if you go, if you go, and change me, 
for that witch, piece of trash, 
don't comback anymore, 
since i won't be here 

all new brooms always sweep well, 
later you're going to see the bristles be gone, 
when her wrinkles fold her skin, 
and her cellulite covers her legs 

you'll comeback from your hell, 
with a tail between you horns, 
imploring one more time, 
but for that, then, 
i'll be here a million nights, 
far from this enormous city, 
far from you, 
the world wouldn't be the same to me 


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