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Исполнитель: Shakira
Название песни: Vuelve
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Shakira - Vuelve ( - Come Back) текст песни, lyrics

Cold like a salt statue.. 
in a a crystal masuleum. 
Dry to the bone in reason of weeping 
And dead like Tiberius in his prison 
All in ruins like Parthenon, 
alone like Columbus ended up. 
Pallid like the Mona Lisa, 
soured like a lemon, 
wrinkled like an acordion. 
Like the Spinx when it lost its nose... 
Like ALexander the Great without 
his sword and shield. 
Like a poor Christian stuck in Roman Emperialism. 
I look for something I can answer 
Because I'm tired of thinking. 
How is it that the seconds pass... 
and I survive this universal flood. 
Without much effort...the explanation.. 
appears in an old drawer. 
And in less than a single fraction... 
It lives again and clad in green is 
my heart. 
Come back, come back 
Come back, come back 

That my life slides through a gutter 
...that me feet have grown callouses from standing... 
...that I don't know how to tell you 
that I miss you. 
And in these I have passed 
more than a year 

(Repeat Chorus) 

That my lifeboat is 
sinking in the muck. 
That from anguish 
I have bitten my own elbows. 
That my world is empty and 
That I die to have you 
here with me.

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