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Исполнитель: White Zombie
Название песни: Die Zombie Die
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1114 просмотров с 2009-02-22 11:11:54
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White Zombie - Die Zombie Die текст песни, lyrics

What is it? What it is. What is it? 
Dazzling, yea starving town, starving town, out of the cold, out of the cold
(Die, Die, Die!) Moneyman rumble. Dreamtime maker. 
Dressed to kill. Crybaby keeper. 
Nature of the madness. Lies very still. 
Shadow boxing motions a real believer. 
Areal believer. Look here, get it and go, look here. 
Seduction in a new new world, seduction. Into the fire 
(Die, Die, Die!) Cannibal collision american girl. 
Suck in your gut. Unlike before yea, unlike before, if you murder. 
Object of desire. Now come and get it. Get it! Come get it! Come. 
While I roustabout. Brutalities inflictied. A rush across the room. 
While the city sleeps. I want to ask you. What's in store? 
Fleshy jaws. Now wait a minute.

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