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Исполнитель: White Zombie
Название песни: Future Shock
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1223 просмотров с 2009-02-22 11:24:52
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White Zombie - Future Shock текст песни, lyrics

Years have a come and gone. Now I stand forward. 
More than I ever was. Assault and reassemble. Mr. Paranoid. 
A real backseat driver. But, I had to move out of there. 
Yea as fast as I can. Time waits for no one. 
When its crawling up the walls. But I never wanted this. 
I never wanted this. Lines of amusement cracked on my face. 
Like some apalling beauty coming up out of the floor, 
but you had to admit there was no explaining this there was no explaining this, 
no clumsy moral corruption substituting the conscience like some ape ancestor, 
ape-incestor grinning under his pompous robot rack overboard. 
"Hey, buster" Just how you doing. 
An uneasy alliance leaving more dirt than before. 
Before they ever knew what hit 'em. 
Yea what hit 'em. What can I do for you?
Just shut up and get in the fuckin' car!

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