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Исполнитель: Malice In Wonderland
Название песни: The Stargazer
Текст песни добавил: Raihoku
995 просмотров с 2009-02-22 14:36:35
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Malice In Wonderland - The Stargazer текст песни, lyrics

Hearing the laments of millions adorned
Reveling in so called flesh
The contents of vengeance and millions of dawns
Lives in the soul of death
The meek and the useless shall herald their doom
The night is screaming black
Creation the damned curse of god
Will shatter at our feet
Galaxies and eons, thousands away
Restless a spirit haunts

Craving to taste the sinful wine
Inhaling the breath of life
The Stargazer grins beyond horizons afar
And laughs as we near our doom
The sword of centuries leers at the sky
And rips it right apart
From the gap looming in the night
Angels fell from the sky
Leper and demons
The host of the dead
Roamed the earth as one
The helpless cries from the children of the lamb
Damned and cast to hell
Hence came the day of wrath where all what was found an end
Under a dome of fouling flesh Pandemonium arose

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