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Исполнитель: Lil Wayne
Название песни: Love Me Or Hate Me
Альбом: Tha Carter III
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1683 просмотров с 2009-02-27 11:49:10
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Lil Wayne - Love Me Or Hate Me (Deluxe Edition bonus track) текст песни, lyrics

[Deluxe Edition]

Thank You.

[Verse 1:]
I've Been Through It All,
The Fails
Tha Falls
I'm Like Niagra
But I Got Right Back Up Like Viagra
I Am Agricluture
Swagger So Mean It Might Insult Ya
I'm Like An Ultra Vulture
I Fuck Around And Catipult Ya
Thought Ya
Parents Taught Ya
You guys is Chocha
I'm Gone
Buenos Nochas
Flow Scorcher
And I Don't Even Write
No Author
So Harder
So Smarter
All About A Dollar Like 4 Quarters
Oh Father
Will Tonight Be My Last
And If So
Make Sure My Kids See My Cash
And I Know
I'm Solid Like An Elbow Cast
And My Future Will Be Better Than My Past

You Can Love Me Or Hate Me
I Swear It Won't Make Me Or Break Me
I'm Goin Wherever Tha Money Take Me
Until They Funeral & Wake Me
And Don't Wake Me
Cause I'm Sleepin
I'm Dreamin'
I Kno That There's A Better Way Cause I've Seen It
This Faster Money
Is So Convenient
And I Need It
Say I Need It

[Verse 2:]
I Spit Movies Like V.C.R.
I Spit Rounds Like the tiki bar
And If I Got Beef I'm Tha Meat Cleaver
And I Are
The Illest Nigga Martin Luther King Died For
And I Ride For
Hollygrove 1-7 Eagle Street
And I'm Higher Than An Eagles Feet
But I Beleive In Me
Apple is the Crossreet
I Am Just An Off-Spring
Born In Tha Ghetto
That's Why I Can't Let Go
One Call'll Have My Dogs On You Like An Echo
Baby I Am Tha Real (Deal/Dill)
No Pickle (Uh)
Spit sickle cell Physco
I Go
Off Like A Motha Fuckin Rifle
And I From
Tha Underground Baby Like A Pipe Hole
I Will Stand Tall Like Light Poles
Until The Light Blows

And You Can Love Me Or Hate Me
Baby I Swear It Won't Make Me Or Break Me
And I Be Goin Wherever Tha Money Take Me
Until They Funeral & Wake Me
And Don't Wake Me
Cause I'm Sleepin
And I'm Dreamin'
See I'm just Hustling Living What I Believe In
Dog And there's A Problem When A Homie Is Not Eating
And I'm Greedy
I'm Greedy

[Verse 3:]
Share My Blood
Feed My Family
My Flow Would Have To Plead Insanity
So sick I need greys anatomy
Like A Bust Open Battery
I'm Cool Like L.A Nights
I'm Tight Like Ballet Tights
Ay Juelz
I, Sweater Of Tha Day
I Piss Cristal
These Bitches Tryna Kick It Like "June Tile"
I Gotta Watch My Head In Tha Battle
I'm Just Tryna Stay Ahead Of My Shadow
And I'm Flown Like A Boat And A Paddle
Ali-Gators And Raddle Snakes
But I Promise I Will Take A Nigga Off Like A Saturday
Got Money To Validate
I'm Icy Like Carrot Cake
Different Color Diamonds
Make Me Look Like A Salad Plate,
I'm Straight Out Tha Alley Way
It's Tha Nigga Ya Daddy Hate
Weezy F Baby -GREAT-

I Know They Love Me They Hate Me
But I'm a G It Won't Make Me Or Break Me
And U Can Find Me Wherever The Money Place Me (Yea)
Until Ya Ridin To Tha Late B And Don't Wake Me
Cause I'm Sleepin And I'm Dreamin
And Me And My Lord Got An Agreement
So I Thank Him Everyday For My Acheivements
And I'm Weezy
I'm Weezy

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