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Исполнитель: Gotthard
Название песни: Father Is That Enough
Альбом: D - frosted
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Gotthard - Father Is That Enough текст песни, lyrics

You came into my life,...boy
I didn't find the words to let you know
We were like strangers , heaven knows
With a many ways to go

But it's over now, right before we started
It's all over now , it's weather blown away

No , you don't need no sacrifice
Nor hide the risin' sun
Made a million, got it all
Father , is that enough?

Remember i was lonely
I was nowhere
Couldn't stand the pain i wore
And yeah , i keep learning
Live is livin'
So much more than words can say

But it's over now , no gambling with my soul
It's all over now , i found my way to go

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