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Исполнитель: DMX
Название песни: 2 Tears In A Bucket
Текст песни добавил: CRACK
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DMX - 2 Tears In A Bucket(feat. Redman/Method Man/Sheek) текст песни, lyrics

Soon as I cop the nine, I pop the nine 
When I take it out the box, I represent Lox 
Now when I flow, you hit the rewind button 
So I charge out more, want it all at the door 
Fuck heat, Sheek walk around with an oven 
Who you gonna kill with that little Foreman grill? 
How its gon' look when I come through your block? 
Sheek, Funk Doc, Meth on top 
Porsche, 300 horse fly by, back open pumpin How High (How High) 
Yeah, can y'all see that (See that) 
Bitch you can call me what you want, 'cuz I'll Be Dat (Be Dat) 
Get off my dick, I don't care about no jewels 
Long as the condo's paid and the truck I choose 
I'm tellin y'all niggas, if its not double R 
I'ma spell my name out on the side of your car 


Come and Ruff Ryde with us 
If you wanna get high with us 
If you wanna get down with us 
Come on nooooowwwww 
Come and Ruff Ryde with us 
If you wanna get high with us 
If you wanna get down with us 
Come on nooooowwwww 

I got a twin cam exhaust connected to the jaw 
A five speed clutch on my paw when I ride 
I glow like the pegs in Lite-Brite 
3000 bolts of lightening when fly the right kite 
Me and Meth be hennesey, two ice cubes 
We can draw (Choose your weapons) or do I choose? 
When I choose the grip, one shot lose your hip 
I hope your shoes fit for this move and pick 
My avalanche it came with, ten feet of snow 
I'm cold blooded, my fam half eskimo 
My flows move like endo 
Turn ten nickels into ten loads, outta ten stoves 
Ride the crash course, do the math on it 
Swizz Beats you can ride Amtrak on it 
But I'm on it, grillin with George Foreman 
Ya peeps is at the Grammy awards cornin 
The ice, the fat wallet son, I won it 
In the helicopter, warmin before morning 
Def Jam nigga, Redman nigga, Doc 
Fuck ya momma on my sweat band nigga 
You tough guys will get smacked in the club 
With the gun I bought from Mack in the club 
Its P-P-P from Bricks to Brook-nam (Come on) 
Bring me some more ass to whoop on 


[Method Man] 
Look what the cat dragged in 
Underground dweller from the cellar bring terror 
Scoop of high yellow cinderella, Meth forever 
Never rush a rhyme, hook could never bust my nine 
But if I have to, I have to, its all in the mind 
I stay ahead of time while y'all fallin behind 
Tryin to relight ya lime, its a crime when I drop ??? design 
That tick it, tick boom, blow your mind 
Yeah me, M-E-T, H, the O, the D 
Can't be done like tryin to find a penny in the sea 
Nigga run for cover son go and get them guns 
Y'all ain't from here, don't try to come around and gettin ones 
Swizz Beat the track in the head, but I instead 
Pull my ?dart gun? and bust sixteen until its dead 
I'm the game, all of my dogs be off the chain 
Yellin Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang 


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