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Исполнитель: DMX
Название песни: Aint No Way
Текст песни добавил: CRACK
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DMX - Aint No Way текст песни, lyrics

Swiss beats (Uhh uhh) 
Nigga, ryde or die (uhh uhh uhh) 
DMX what what (uhh uhh uhh) 

[Chorus - DMX] 
Ain't no way you're gonna stop my flow 
Ain't no way ya niggaz you just don't know 
But niggaz is about to go oh no oh no 
Ain't no way you're gonna stop my shine 
Ain't no way you niggaz wanna stop mine 
Ya niggaz must be out yo mind, I don't know why 

What the fuck is you niggaz pressin me for 
I saw more ass than a ho and you stressin the raw 
If I was testin your jaw, maybe then you would respect me 
But you can't respect me cuz you dont even know me 
Nigga check me (come on) 
I'm that motherfucker that'll put you to sleep, while you sleepin 
Then die from a hundred feet, you just knew you was creepin 
Bad decisions lead to last decisions 
Fast collision, now yo ass is missin (what) 
Take it over there now you bring it back to the streets 
Have you forgotten what it means when a dog shows his teeth? 
Let me break it down for you he's about to attack you 
Still standin here faggot? You must want me to smack you 
You ain't been there or done that, fuck is y'all niggaz tellin me 
I'm the only nigga, walkin the streets with four felonies 
But peep this, I see shit is hard, niggaz is strugglin 
Let me ramble on for little while, go back to hustlin 


Give it to niggaz just how they give it to, me 
Hit 'em in a rhyme because I'm a M,C 
Been a lot of places most niggaz won't, see 
That's why I'm at a level that y'all niggaz won't, be 
Let your man hold somethin now he want, more 
You ain't no fuckin killer what was the front, for 
It was a time when the world was at your front, door 
Now they change places niggaz want, raw 
Niggaz laugh at me and was mad at me 
Cuz the way life was goin had to be a, tragedy 
But after me, it's over, I'ma take the whole verse 
I'm tryin to keep it real that's why I let y'all niggaz go first 
But you look to get force right in the mouth 
Didn't appreciate what you got when you got it so if I see it, I'ma tot it 
Where to hide it you gotta car better drive it 
The fuck up outta here and hope and pray I don't pull up along side it 


Niggaz don't know so I gotta flip 
It seem they've forgotten how dark it could get 
Barks like a pit scratch when I hit 
We both know you pussy but you stay talkin shit 
What I'ma have to do dog, run up in yo mess 
Catch you while you comfortable put one up in yo chest 
One up in yo vest of course pay the hollows 
And blown away today you just lost tomorrow 
I'ma go platinum (nah) you gots to be kiddin WHY 
Make it double platinum, no bullshittin 
And I'ma stay flippin flows, rippin shows 
Strippin ho's, gettin dough let me go 
And nigaz know, who the best is 
The dog, DMX is the rest is or might as well be helpless 
I wreck this cuz when I wreck shit 
I might snatch a niggaz necklace 
Then go from like midnight to breakfast 


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