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Исполнитель: DMX
Название песни: Do You
Текст песни добавил: CRACK
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DMX - Do You текст песни, lyrics

That "T" would help though 
Here we go again 
Yeah, check it out, y'all 
Check it out, check it out 
Check it out y'all, check it out y'all 
Straight Y.O. mother fuckers 

Now days cats and middleman, little man, ain't controlling shit 
Talk about holding bricks, but ain't holding dick 
Niggas talk real slick, but that's about it 
Soon as I see 'em headed my way, I cut them off quick 
Must you beat me in my head everytime I come through? 
It's shit like, everybody tells me I sound just like you 
But you got me, got me? And you can't live without me 
If I wasn't DMX, you wouldn't give a fuck about me 
Ain't about "Dog I wanna be just like you" 
How about you wanting to be just like you? 
You can do what I do, just in your own way 
Shit, I get niggas that ride big every fuckin' day (I-ight?) 
If you got talent, talent is yours, it can't be mine 
And it take you where it's gon' take you, it'll be fine 
Let me hit 'em with the rewind 
Do you and I'll do me 
To me you'll see how real you'll be 

[1] - Do you - Cuz what it boils down to it's true 
Do you - Cuz you are held accountable for you 
Do you - Is that really what you want me to see 
Do you - Cuz I'mma do me, truley 

Do you - Cuz what it boils down to, it's true 
Do you - Cuz you are held accountable for you 
Do you - Is that really what you want me to see 
Do you - Cuz I'mma do me, truley 

Hey yo dog, I got lyrics 
Hey yo dog, I got beats (Word) 
Damn, is this the type of shit I gots to put up with in the streets? 
Used to be able to walk, not have to talk to nobody 
Everywhere I go it's like I bring the whole party 
It ain't about tryin' to follow or tryin' to be like 
But if we all see it through the eyes of the Lord, we see a light (c'mon) 
Just let me get a hold of the mic, I'll teach you a little something 
Now the good things that go wrong because of a little frontin' 
Express yourselves, be who you are, umm umm, you're a shining star 
You don't even know what you got inside 
How the fuck you gon' find out, you keep wanting to ride 
Hey yo, I ain't gon' let it slide no more 
You're best to go for what you know 
Can't do you, then what you flow for 
You ain't gon' get there tryin' to be me, dog 
Look through your eyes, see what you see 

[Repeat 1]

Like fuck it, you wanna be me? Here's what you do 
Grow up neglected by both parents and still pull through 
You gots to come up fucked up, get treated like shit 
Then have your mother's new boyfriend smack you like a bitch Turn into a killer, 
don't carry shottie 
Cuz the way it's goin' down right now, you gon' kill somebody 
Get a dog, walk the streets, learn what you need to learn 
Better have a cause but because you'll get burned 
You got 15 years without ever coming out 
And beat your fist at the world and what they talkin' about 
Then get locked up every two years 
For two years keep it real, hold back all tears, face your fears 
Become a man before your time, rap but live out your rhymes 
Let 'em know what's on your mind, then you'll get your shine 
In time, everything you hear will come true 
But you won't be doin' me, you'll be doin' you 

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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