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Исполнитель: DMX
Название песни: Dope Money
Текст песни добавил: CRACK
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DMX - Dope Money текст песни, lyrics

What, what? 
(This goes out to the general public) 
Yo.. you over there Styles? - Yeah dog 
(Anybody sleepin on us) 
Second album nigga - two guns up nigga 
Real L.O.X. - blaze! 
"We Are the Streets" nigga, y'all know who the best 
(C'mon) Fuck y'all niggas wanna do - what, what? 
(Let's go) 

[Verse One] 
Couldn't live the life I live (yo why's that) 
I could die any minute, I get high every minute 
Fuckin with snake niggas, and sleepin with foul bitches 
Came through in the latest whip with two pounds in it 
Pull over where the hustlers be (and why's that) 
Cause I get chills when you talk of hustlin ki's 
So I'm always where the powder be at (what it mean) 
I can blow five bricks to ten in an hour if that 
Stay away from where the cowards be at (why's that) 
Time is money god, and you can't get an hour back 
Or I would do it again to get the power back 
Have Godfather status, make niggas bow to that 
You could all shine and glitter and keep the ones 
Fives and tens, for twenties and up, we dummy it up 
Make a lot of money, look bummy and what 
Cause money aint shit, respect is everything 
So if I kill niggas dead, don't ask me shit 
I smoke blunts to the head, so don't pass me shit 
I'd rather die from a bullet, than a nasty bitch 
They say the good die young, all that mean to me 
is that the hood die young, we call it the last days 
What you know about coppin a house to fight pits in 
Or blowin weed smoke on the cops that write tickets 
Henny iy up, shit we can semi it up 
Have a picture of you on the wall, 'In Memory Of' 
Stay in sync with the hood, gray minks with the hood 
We tryin' to get money like chinks in the hood 
They ask me how I'm doing now - I tell 'em better than them 
And if your man front - he can get eleven in him 
And if you told them once - then you better tell him again 
Ay yo, now let's see 
Who you know fuckin with Sheek Luc, Jadakiss, and S.P. 

[Chorus: The L.O.X.]

From dope money to rap money, back to dope money (C'mon) 
From loaded guns to empty ones, over dope money (Let's go) 
We got the car house and the smoke, with the dope money (C'mon) 
All my niggas that died, over dope money (Let's go) 
Bust your nine niggas, side by side niggas (C'mon) 
If we get the RICO law, we go run and hide niggas (Let's go) 
Death is the only thing that might divide niggas (C'mon) 
So don't fuck around with them Ryde or Die niggas (Let's go) 

[Verse Two] 
Basically speakin, all I know your face will be leakin 
I rap full time and still pump bass on the weekend 
A nigga hoppin all over the map - and what you learned 
That niggas with long paper take longer to crack 
That's why every chance I buy me a gat 
Why you rather buy you a chain - I aim at your brain 
Nigga, robbery is all we know, so how we gon go broke 
when we could always take all y'all dough 
And then fly out to Cuba and get in the coke fields 
Die off the buddha, fifty with fifty mill 
Bring drama cause Gianconna got Kennedy killed 
If you come through in a jet, then you frontin to us 
Cause when the coke price was up - it was nuthin to us 
We got blocks full of heroin - weed and dust 
Seen bullets pop off - cause of greed and lust 
And when the big dogs die - who gon feed the pups 
My niggas is here, so you know the circle is tight 
I circle the block, and cut off the lights - pray to Christ 
And when the cops come, we don't care, we got shotguns 
And niggas with the most ice, get the hot ones 
Stay on your job, nigga I'ma stay on mine 
And if I lose my voice nigga, I'ma flow online 
And by next year, we should have a thousand guns 
Nigga Ruff Ryde, Ryde or Die Volume One 


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