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Исполнитель: Skillet
Название песни: Safe with you
Альбом: Skillet (1996)
Текст песни добавил: ICE
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Skillet - Safe with you текст песни, lyrics

Learning inside
I will be safe with You tonight
You cause the smile and the teardrops in my eyes
Locked inside Your every movement
Will I stand or will I fall?
Trapped inside Your walls of glory
I am just as the dead leaves fall
Chaos in my head
The whole universe is at rest
When I'm in Your arms is when I feel the best
Locked inside Your creative being
Whirled about in Your unfailing truth
Attacked with power by ferocious love
Salvation alone belongs to You!
Lifting up my voice to the God who really sees
The God who is consumed with loving thoughts of me
The screaming winds
And the crashing of the oceans
Shifting sands and the changing of the seasons
As I stand in awe and wonder
Nothing in the world has prepared me for You!
Jesus, Jesus I'm safe with You

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