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Исполнитель: De-Phazz
Название песни: Preachin' To The Choir
Текст песни добавил: _umni4ka_
1487 просмотров с 2009-03-06 12:44:52
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De-Phazz - Preachin' To The Choir текст песни, lyrics

Walking down a foggy London street one day
Listenin' to the rhythm of my feet
Everything in my life was going O. K.
I bad some extra money, and all my bills
Were paid

Should I stash this extra cash
Or spend it on some pleasure
Should I throw it all away
And waste it on some pain

Pay that girl to spank me
With her belt of leather
Or feel the shower of her golden rain

I know it may sound crazy,
But it sho' nuff it the truth
We all have these feelings
And there's nothing we can do

I know it my way sound crazy...

It's a California morning,
Trough I never Have been there
I wish that I could grow some wings
And fly up in the air

People who don't like me,
Will look up in the sky
I'll lift up my tail feathers
And drop something in their eyes

Preachin' to the choir

Walking through the forest
In my birthday suit
Feeling free and dangling in the breeze
Soakin' up that sweet sunshine on my body
Thinkin'. "Hey, this is the life for me!"

Preachin' to the choir
Preachin' to the choir
Set the church afire

Preachin' to the choir

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