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Исполнитель: Sean Paul
Название песни: Where is the love
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
3544 просмотров с 2008-02-24 19:21:09
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Sean Paul - Where is the love текст песни, lyrics

How Jamaica a gwaan so, man?
Mi a tell yu seh yesterday mi see a car accident an see di two man dem go fi war, like dem wan kill each other
An den mi look down di road, rasta, an mi see a yute eat out di garbage, mi a seh sup'm nuh right..

Verse 1:
One time di place used to live up inna love an people unite an de vibe never stir up
Man a reason bout life an a smoke up di bud up
One love, one blood was di word up and,
Nowadays everyting get mud up, everyting shut up, violence a start flur up
People nah no love an jus bare skull bore up
Sweet Jamaica we get so corrupt an..

Where is all of the love, we aint livin right
People hustle everyday, we need a better life
when di money gone di bigga heads calm, leavin us to fight
When will we get it right?
When will we see the light?

Verse 2:
Everyday man bawlin out
An bare innocent yutes keep fallin out (fallin out)
An di bigga heads stallin out
Di more time waste an di more life running out
Dem fraid fi we call dem out
Fi brand poor people, u know its all about hush yu mouth
An keep dem starvin out
When dem shoulda educate and free dem out


Verse 3:
Fi do di right an dont do di wrong ting
Some a dem a boost war like dem a don king
Dem shankin, big gun crankin
Never stop a day, take time and thank Him
Whatta day wicked man get tramplin'
Father God, Him a go out and stamp him
No tamperin, no more rampin
narrowest part of di righteous flankin


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