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Исполнитель: Xzibit
Название песни: Chamber Music
Текст песни добавил: 1sus
1393 просмотров с 2009-03-12 23:06:54
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Xzibit - Chamber Music текст песни, lyrics

Verse One: 

The official representative, LAC 
This is phrophecy manifested by X to the Z 
Victory, strike a B-Boy stance in khaki pants 
Never get along like red and black ants, advance 
When your staring and this concrete that move like liquid 
Like a nigga withouth legs, I ain't tryin to kick it 
To much to finish, a menace, without enought time 
My mind only give punchline, you probably thinkin of the wrong kind 
Cause if it jokes, nigga know 
The kind that drop on your eyes, your ears, your nose, and your throat 
I promote self-defense not dollars and sense 
Kick it with scholars and pimps, you just the last part over the fence 
Assed out in the open, while you was hopin that Xzibit was second rate 
But I refuse to make; just another record in the crate 
I think not, got bee-bops 
I bring it to your house like pizza 

"Today we are on the streets of South Central Los Angelos, a fight for 

"We have people that are conditioned not to expect to live past age thirty. 
They no longer. Once they no longer care they're extremely dangerous." 

Verse Two: 

Stand at attention, make sure you keep your piece clean 
When I release steam, police crime scenes to guillotines 
Hit and decapatate the bird case, featherweight 
Critical thinking, while you at water that concentrate 
Xzibit crash the gate, heavyweight, box em in 
Seal off the exits, then cut off your Oxygen 
Xzibit run with a regiment of veterans 
I only like to come out Late Night, like Dave Letterman 
Time for some medicine, cause niggas bout to get sick 
Callin me a hater cause I don't ride dicks 
Read my lips, we got problems like Bloods and Crips 
Love the sound of clips when I know my shit 
Chamber Music, this is for the ones with stone-face 
That catch you at the right time in the wrong place 
We unsafe, One-fifty-one with no chase and no ice 
Take away your life like three strikes 

Yeah, come on, Chamber Music 

Verse Three: 

So now Xzibit got a little money, I think its funny 
How motherfuckers think I'm supposed to Cher/share like Sonny 
Clarify, you don't work you don't eat, I repeat 
You don't eat you get weak, catch a fragile physique 
Accomplish more in one day, than you can do in a week 
The X-Man, Wolverine, one swing to make the cut clean 
And the wrong things manifested in flesh 
Fuck the game, I take the test, graduate, pass to the S-Class 
Catch a roadrash, all you smell is hash 
Chronic mix, bumpin the Liks 
And dick you like a Hebron fix 
Bear-arm from here to a hundred-tweny meters 
Get black-walled, modern day Lee Harvey Oswald 
The assassin, brother who came blastin 
Take it without askin, rappers is all fashion 
Xzibit keep mashing through 
Got any lost words? I got two 
Drive up, on you like that! 

Once again Chamber Music, what what, yeah, what the deal? It's Xzibit. 

Get on the ground, get on the ground! Hands on the back of your head, Don' 
Move Don't Move! Get on the ground! * beat to fade *

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