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Исполнитель: Xzibit
Название песни: Enemies And Friends
Текст песни добавил: 1sus
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Xzibit - Enemies And Friends текст песни, lyrics

1996, dysfunctional member 
Of the Alkaholik family, yo 

Rule Number One 
Always be aware of your surroundings 
And peep all exits 
Stay and move to the next shit 
Rule Number Two 
Love no one that don't love you 
And if the shit come down 
Then you know your way around 
Rule Number Three 
Realize it ain't about size 
Or havin' gats and guns 
Because it only takes one 
Handle your business 
Don't let your business handle you 
It's a lot of motherfuckers tryin' to do 
What you're doin' right here, right now 
Same color, same style 
Tryin' to claim worldwide 
And ain't traveled but one mile 
In these shoes, I paid dues 
With nothin' to lose 
Live by the rhyme 
But I'ma die by the booze 
Xzibit breakin' down niggas 
Who got somethin' to prove 
Here we are face to face 
Nigga make your move 
You're in the wrong place 
But at the right situation 
Cause i was waitin 
Hotter than Satan, never perpetratin 


I treat my enemies like friends 
So I can reach out and touch 
Leave'em in the dust at the very end 
You now tuned in to Hennessy and Gin 
Ice cold Heinekens and down for whatever skins 
Animosity you can reach out and touch 
Heavy right handed 
Teeth grind like a clutch 
And plus you ain't never had this much 
Too many friends too close 
You might collapse from an overdose 

I was raised to never follow after no man 
To be my own man 
So I can die by my own hand 
And never knowin' what the next day can bring 
So I gotta make the ends 
Justify the means 
Yo, I'm on the scene, here to do my own thing 
Can't never spend a lifetime 
Chasin' after dreams 
I got the right shit 
For all the wrong reasons 
As long as I breathin' 
Niggas change like seasons 
Never trust a man 
Who can't look you in your eyes 
Only the strong survive 
And that's word to the wise 
Yo, when dead bodies get outlined in chalk 
Everybody should walk 
Cause real killers don't talk 
I ain't really concerned 
How many bridges you burned 
I extinguish your flame 
And take aim at your brain 
Givin' ligament pain 
To have you walkin' with a cane 
Wantin' money and fame 
You got your fuckin' self to blame 
And that's West Coast rhyme 
Without no gimmicks 
Here come Xzibit to break it down 
Like a chemic 
I'm spreadin' like an epidemic 
And all good things come to an end 
Enemies & Friends 


I don't give a fuck 
About the set you claim 
Xzibit easily dispersed like crack cocaine 
See I lent my shotgun to Kurt Cobain 
And the motherfucker never brought it back 
Ahh, that's wack 
As a matter of fact 
This one nigga tried to jack 
My squad had his ass 
On the run like track 
Never knowin' who to trust 
In this shit called rap 
Here to let you know 
My sound surrounds like dat 
Never half step 
Or play the role like DeNiro 
Y'all niggas wasn't down 
When we had less than zero 
Fuck tryin' to be a hero 
Tryin' to save some bitch 
Mr. X to the Z 
Never play that shit 


Yes, 1996, yes 
Bringin' it live from the Westside 
This is X to the Z 
These niggas don't know 
These niggas ain't ready 
Yo, Mr. X to the Z 
From the Likwit Crew

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