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Исполнитель: Xzibit
Название песни: Hit And Run
Текст песни добавил: 1sus
1316 просмотров с 2009-03-12 23:13:12
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Xzibit - Hit And Run (Part 2) текст песни, lyrics


[Hightower]: Baby, do me a favor, call up Xzibit for me. 
[Xzibit]: Allo? 
[Girl]: Hello, Xzibit? 
[Xzibit]: Yeah, yeah, what's up? 
[Girl]: Hold on one second ok? 
[Xzibit]: Alright 
[Hightower]: Xzibit? 
[Xzibit]: Hey, what's up? 
[Hightower]: It's Ron, Hightower. 
[Xzibit]: Ah, what's up dude, what's goin' down? 
[Hightower]: Eh nigga, it ain't nothin' but a party! 
[Xzbibit]: Yoo! shit it's goin' down? 
[Hightower]: Hey, let me tell you something. 
I got some ladies over here, you know... 
[Girl]: Hi Xzibit! 
[Xzibit]: What's up? 
[Hightower]: He he, see what I'm saying. 
They were just trying, you know, to tell you hello and shit 
But listen why don't you do this 
When you're done over there, why don't you come here and shit 
You know what I'm saying? 
That way they can tell you hello on person 
[Xzibit]: Ah alrihgt, you want me to bring you somethin' 
[Hightower]: Hey, bring yourself, I'm sure they can handle the rest 
You know what I mean? 
[Xzibit]: Yeah yeah, alright, I'll be over there in a minute. 
[Hightower]: Peace! 
[Xzibit]: Alright 

[Verse One]: 

It's a lazy Sunday night 
Xzibit posted at the lab 
Gettin' high as a kite 
Proceed to rolll the light 
It's real tight 
In a paper Philly Blunts I don't need 
It might fuck off the taste 
Of this bomb ass weed 
My nigga Tango and Breeze 
Came thru we blaze a few 
Together bored as fuck 
Niggas down for whatever 
Break left from the bomb 
Phone call from Ron Hightower 
Shower at his crib in a hour 
All the women involved drop drawers 
Don't say nothin' 
Just a lota nuttin' 
Fuckin' plus dick suckin' 
Goddamn who was that? 
Half black with the fat ass 
Too much to ask if you can put them on the glass 
[For me] 
My name's Xzibit 
I aint' tryin' to spit game 
Just tell me your name 
And the proportions of your frame 
That's right 
Xzibit now has it poppin' on Sunday night 

[Chorus]: (2x) 
I don't wanna save 'em 
Pay em' or buy clothes 
All we really wanna do 
Is try to fuck these hoes 

[Verse Two]: 

[Rass Kass]: 
You knew the game 
And you still ended up on your back... 

Bitches get laid like tracks 
Break it down like that 
With stacks of profilactics 
Got ill tactics just to get you on the matress like yo 
[girl moaning in background] 
With minimal conversation 
No time wastin' 
Only hard penetration 
Gettin' shiners on recliners 
Cummin' in your faces 
Stop! Get on top 
I take your mind different places 
Won't be satisfied till I hit every race 
Color and creed in deed 
All I need is weed a fly steez 
Who ain't afraid to take the lead 
A little dirt on your knees 
Looked over saw Breeze 
Laid out on the couch about to let it all out 
Nigga that's the kinda shit that I'm talkin' about 

[Chorus]: (4x) 
I don't wanna save em' 
Pay em' or buy clothes 
All we really wanna do 
Is try to fuck these hoes

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