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Исполнитель: Xzibit
Название песни: Los Angeles Times
Текст песни добавил: 1sus
1410 просмотров с 2009-03-12 23:14:21
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Xzibit - Los Angeles Times текст песни, lyrics

At this time, please extinguish all smoking materials 
Return all seat backs, and tray tables 
to their most upright, and long position 
Also at this time please take care to fasten your seatbelt 
Enjoy your stay, welcome to L.A. 

Chorus: Xzibit 

Welcome to L.A. 
Where you can see the whole city burning 
Cause the cops got uzis and the dealers keep serving 
and your kids ain't learning shit, except this 
Sex power and wealth, fuck everything else 
(repeat 2X except last line) 
Trying to survive, Los Angeles Times 

Verse One: Xzibit 

MC's get fucked up, chopped like Braveheart 
Don't start what you can't finish, serious bidness 
Down La Seneca to bust a left on Venice 
where you can find me and mines -- Los Angeles Times 
Welcome to L.A. 
Where every other day I'm taking the hat off my head 
Givin respect to the dead, and avoid havin the same thing 
said about me, Xzibit stand underground 
like the roots of a tree, watered three times a day 
Forty ounce Olde E, like a magnifying glass 
making it easier to see, the Mister X to the Z 
Don't peak, L.A., why test without vest-es 
stop lead projectile, Apocalypse Now 
Love Allah not new car, faggot, superstar 
type of cat, fuck that, mash away in a 
diamond-white Concourse 'Llac 
Still black so the one-time react as if under attack 
Ain't nothin changed but district range, feel no pain 
Mr. Big Bad Insane Black John McClane with 
liquor on the brain, down to earth like dirt 
From the city where niggaz known for puttin in work 


Verse Two: Xzibit 

Welcome to L.A. 
If hand determine dick size, I'm palmin the Earth 
Select turf, then plant bad seed and give birth 
And make the hard work look easy fuh sheezee 
Leavin you and your best man, stiffer than mannequins 
Enough to break the skin on a Vietnam leatherneck 
Marine drill sargeant, you nothin but a target (pow!) 
Charge it to the game, gotta look beyond the brand name 
Comin from the guts like I slammed down twenty cups 
of Hennesey straight, relate feel my hate 
Xzibit flippin through these bitches like DJ trait 
Translate to left field, only real niggaz follow 
Bitches suck and swallow, I'm livin life behind the bottle 
Never the role model, still shinin like a new automobile 
Flow six-fo', you can't steal 
cause I got a kill switch with a itch for the action 
While other rappers use mass weapons of destruction 
to sell they shit 


Verse Three: Xzibit 

El ve-te-rano, you can only pray to learn what I know 
Ride slow across the horizon a lone desperado 
Comin through the door bringin nothin but hits 
Sometimes I feel like a matador, lookin at this bullshit 
Niggaz pull rent from the crack of they ass 
Maintain do your thang this too shall pass 
I season beef with lead pieces then cook it with gas 
I'm from the school of hard knocks way ahead in the class 
Xzibit hard to get through, like bulletproof glass 
Break it down like Johnny Cochran then mix it with hash 
Your defense can't last against advanced prosecution 
Hit the airwaves like pollution -- hey, here's a solution 
Take a trip to Washington then burn the Constitution 
Top government officials locked down for prostitution 
Recruitin the hard rocks mean streets keep producin 
The world is a riot shit is mine for the lootin 


Everyone's got to make a living (2X) 


Enjoy your stay, welcome to L.A.

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