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Исполнитель: K'naan
Название песни: I Come Prepared
Альбом: Troubadour
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1385 просмотров с 2009-03-14 15:53:07
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K'naan - I Come Prepared текст песни, lyrics

set to high
no callin the rerevulationary youths
dam marley alongside k'naan
gunpowder philosipher what some boy feel like
peppop huh
i made the list this year
im on a roll
you aint no east african rock and roll
you dont know what time it is like your clock is old
you know y'all packin like the block is sold
how could it be to the deep and darkest of zero
to become the king of new york like a negro
and he aint even from new york that's what's weird yo
but he's from they repetatattapatatta
so come now dont you try to play the hero
around here we have pirates with trapedos
alongside all the warlords and beardos
in the city the people blacker than tuxedos
babygirl let me get all up in your earlow
and if you shut me down you can kill my ego
which is my enemy makes you my emigo
so either way you and i are button and needles
and they say i might become because of beetle
but i dont let it all come it all to my head and feed y'all

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