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Исполнитель: Suicide Silence
Название песни: About A Plane Crash
Текст песни добавил: FlashER
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Suicide Silence - About A Plane Crash текст песни, lyrics

Flying so high

You look up at him, you look at me
Even if I could fly, you look at me
Flying so high

So, you look up at your maker, you're almost gone
You're almost there, You're almost gone
I won't be nothing, turn back!

Closed your eyes because you looked so terrified
Don't look down, look and see
We have never been in a locked off heart-attack, this is our deathbed

This is life in a plane crash
You look outside, your causing these wings to give
This is life in a plane crash

Relax [3x]
This will be, you can see

Slowly don't you see we are... quit annoying me
Quit, look before you see, scream away from me, away from me
Scream away from me, scream away toward this

And this will be the most beautiful day [4x]

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