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Исполнитель: Hoobastank
Название песни: Up and gone
Альбом: Hoobastank
Текст песни добавил: Supernova
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Hoobastank - Up and gone текст песни, lyrics

Staring at the white above 
Can't tell if I'm alive or am I dead 
Or is it in my head? 
Where'd I go wrong 
Staring at the white above 
One day I closed my eyes and here I am 
A cold, unhappy man 
I've come to realize the life I have I hate 
The pulse I need is slowly fading 
Until I've lost it all 
I've been waiting for an inspiration 
For a chance I never got to take 
Before it's much too late 
Where'd I go wrong 
Where's the boy that used to run? 
Could it be he's up and gone away? 
He seems so far away 
And all the things I could have done 
Could it be they've up and gone away? 
They seem so far away 
It feels as if the boy in me 
Has left and been replaced with a cheap and bitter 
Imposter of myself 
I must find the one that used to be 
Approach him slow, don't be afraid to say 
"Can he come out and play?" 
Where'd I go wrong 
Staring at the sky above 
I've found a chance I'm finally going to take 
I've learned from my mistakes 
Where'd I go wrong

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