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Исполнитель: Steps
Название песни: Love's Got a Hold on my Heart
Текст песни добавил: Katy Perry
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Steps - Love's Got a Hold on my Heart текст песни, lyrics

I'm calling out won't somebody out there hear my S.O.S?
Throw me a life line please and save me.
Theres no doubt baby you took me prisoner I confess.
When you crossed my defences and captured my heart.

And now its too late to put up a fight
I thought I was strong but as hard as I try Can't break away
Darling there's no way out nothing can help me now
Love's got a hold of my heart!

(My heart , my heart heart heart heart)
(Love's got a hold of my heart)
There's no escape (there's no escape!)
Now I'm like a damsel in distress,
Trapped in this fairy tale for ever (ooh)
And no mistake, it's tragic but I'll have to face the truth I guess,
And live ever more resigned to my fate...


Hold on my heart! Hold on my heart!
Love's got a hold on my, It's got a hold on my heart.
(Heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart)
(Heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart)

Chorus x 3

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