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Исполнитель: Steps
Название песни: You'll be Sorry
Текст песни добавил: Katy Perry
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Steps - You'll be Sorry текст песни, lyrics

Heaven knows it’s a lonely way,
Living on my own.
I never thought that I could be,
This far from all I know.
I gave you all the love in me,
But love is blind and now I see,
The fool I’ve been believing you loved me.
I waited so long for you,
Now what am I supposed to do.

One day believe me you’ll be sorry,
You’re gonna feel this pain.
One day you’ll see me and remember,
The promised you made.
Just wait and see how you’ll be sorry,
One day your sky’s gonna rain.
One day believe me,
You’ll come running,
Back to me again.

Heaven knows you’ll be back again,
When you feel the cold.
And the truth will find you out,
For all the lies you sold.
So chase the rainbows you can find,
‘Cos you’ve gone too far this time,
The fool I’ve been believing you were mine.
I waited so long for you,
Now what am I supposed to do.

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