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Исполнитель: Epica
Название песни: Force Of The Shore
Альбом: Consign To Oblivion (2005)
Текст песни добавил: gven007
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Epica - Force Of The Shore текст песни, lyrics

Appearance is deceptive
So perfect in disguise
There's more than what you see 

A semblance is protective
A blinder for the eyes
A place to hide and flee 

Flee and you'll never see
What you're going to be
If you throw away the key 

The truth from the past you can't make it last 

Flee and walk away
From what you are this day
If you are afraid to stay 

Beyond the shore the sea is filled up
with sentiment and strength
Here lie the thoughts imprisoned
A field of forces and laments 

How can we hide here
We need to change our ways
How can we tell lies here
We turn our eyes away 

From the truth
From the past
You cannot
Make it last 

If you do not cease to run away from truth
You will never see the shadow
of your dying youth 

A fa?ade is what we all possess
But on the inside it stays a mess 

Superficial changes won't recall the past
Don't deny the clock is ticking
and it's racing fast 

Fading tokens of our latter days
Make us think we need to change our ways 

Deep, the feelings hide
They're wasted from within
And my shell will never break 

Appearance is deceptive
So perfect in disguise
A place to flee and hide and run away
Lift the shadow

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