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Исполнитель: Fm Static
Название песни: Hold Me Twice
Альбом: What are you waiting for?(2003)
Текст песни добавил: Supernova
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Fm Static - Hold Me Twice текст песни, lyrics

I saw you in the hallway,
I bet thats what they all say,
You probably didn't even notive
I was the loser,
Who was starin at my shoes 'n', couldn't think of nothing to say.
I'm on the runway,
Of a flight that's going one way,
On "cross your finger" airlines.
I'm picking up the pace, no frontin',
getting nervous in the worst way, here goes nothing

I saw her walkin over,
now that shes slowly movin closer,
wrote her a letter 'bout a week ago 'n', to my suprise
she replied and said:

You can hold me once, You can hold me twice,
even better if the stars are good tonight.
You can hold me, be my one and only,
this is the reply to the letter you wrote me.

You told me to meet you after gym class,
but I forgot to get a hall pass,
and got sent to the office.
You tried to call me,
asked everyone around who saw me,
they didn't even notice.
You're on your way now,
movin' with your parents to some hick town,
a thousand miles away.
I'm in the playground,
with my memories, so much I could say now,
I still remember when.


It's been awhile since we said "hi",
three hundred and sixty five days have gone by now,
and I could paint a picture of you.
I see you everytime I pass your locker,
remember the time we talked 'till six a.m. and I'm tired of missing you

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