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Исполнитель: Justin Nozuka
Название песни: I'm In Peace
Альбом: Holly
Текст песни добавил: AnGeL_VapLaty
1179 просмотров с 2009-04-02 19:57:44
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Justin Nozuka - I'm In Peace текст песни, lyrics

[Verse 1] 
It always occurs to me, how lovely you look today 
Just how you smile that way, makes my heart melt 
Seemed like just yesterday, when you stole my breath away 
You walked into my life, you completed my soul 
When you walked into my life, you completed my soul 

I'm in peace, 
I'm in peace, 
I'm in peace when I am with you 
You set me free; you're all I need, 
Lift me off my feet, beauty queen 

[Verse 2] 
Where did you find that soul of yours 
You must have traveled through heaven, and searched through the garden of love 
I swear there's a light, when your eyes touch me 
It's like the sun reaching down from the sky 
When you touch me with your eyes, 
it's like the sun from the sky 


Your whispering, 
it's uplifting, 
Sink into my body while I'm drifting 
When you kiss me, really truly kiss me 
Connected by our hearts, we are one 


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