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Исполнитель: Sinead O'Connor
Название песни: Daddy I'm Fine
Текст песни добавил: Katy Perry
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Sinead O'Connor - Daddy I'm Fine текст песни, lyrics

I was born in Dublin town 
Where there was not too much going on down 
For girls whose only hope 
Was not to find a man who could piss in a pot 
So early I heard my first guitar 
And I knew I wanted to be a big star 
And I told my poor worried father 
Said I ain't gonna go to school no more 
Cuz see I wanna look cool and I wanna look good 
With my hair slicked back and my black leather boots 
Wanna stand up tall with my boobs upright 
And feel real hot when the makeup's nice 
I get sexy underneath the lights 
Like I wanna fuck every man in sight 
Baby come home with me tonight 
Make you feel good make you feel all right 
I'm going away to London 
I got myself a big fat plan 
Gonna be a singer in a rock 'n' roll band 
And I'm gonna change everything I can 
Sorry to be disappointing 
Wasn't born for no marrying 
Wanna make my own living singing 
Strong independent Pagan woman singing 
And I feel real cool and I feel real good 
Got my hair shaved off and my black thigh boots 
I stand up tall with my pride upright 
And I feel real hot when the makeup's nice 
I get sexy underneath them lights

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