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Исполнитель: Obituary
Название песни: In The End Of Life
Текст песни добавил: ICE
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Obituary - In The End Of Life текст песни, lyrics

No will to live 
Without lights 
Coming to the end of life 

Arriving in the end of life 
Ones decide to sacrifice 

No will to live 
Without lights 
Coming to the end of life 

Lost in darkness realms to go 
The fearless ones now are down 
The final one is burnt off life 
Killing Time 
Arising from the dark 
A peeling soul to pay 
Crawling in the light 
piercing through your brain 
Reaching out for help 
The help in which you pray 
Searching for the answers 
To questions which they say 
Just Killing Time 
Killing time is the final bout 
Life slowly decays 
>From the depths of down below 
Powerful rotting ways 
Corpses lay out on the ground 
Form a perfect line 
Killing Time 
Rotten is the deadly birth 
Strength turns to fear 
What awaits the end result 
Life's death draws near 
A freefall victim to decay 
Infection sets the pace 
Rising from your loneliness 
and the human race

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