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Исполнитель: G-Unit
Название песни: 24s
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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G-Unit - 24s текст песни, lyrics

[50 Cent]
Yeah Buck.. lets take it down south so they know whats going down there
Getem Buck!

[G-Unit ~ Chorus]
24s Calicos
Thats how all my gangster roll
Get dat dough fuck dem hoes
Thats how gg-g-unit rolls
24s Calicos
Thats how all my gangster roll
Get dat dough fuck dem hoes
Thats how gg-g-unit rolls

[Young Buck]
I got my pistol in my lap, and the top drop down
An AK in the back cuz a nicca hot now
And I been shooting, and I been robbing
Fifty telling niccas Im a mutherfuckin problem [gun shot]
I come from the bottom, but birds I gotem
I ?grip? two cents in harlem , serve allem
To me what I deserve man 
Fuck what you heard man
They doing a ?ten n key?
So who tha real wurd man
They try to stop us, but I load up my choppa
Put my eye in tha scope and popem right in their pajamas [gun shot]
Do what we say so is waitin on Yayo
So we can double back and give the fans what they paid for
Ever since the game came back to reality
These Niccas that aint sellin, they mad at me, but had at me
then, I take it right back tha block 
And Tennessee, we known to put tha pirates on the pot


[Lloyd Banks]
Banks got.. Jamican queens showin dem around
We about to bounce from Brooklyn den head up town
The first down south nicca getting popping on the east coast
Lyke I dun want ????? Im from the streets hoe
Gotta keep my heat cloaked just incase we bump headz
Im goin backside with a gunshot, shell spray
Fuck what they say, G-units is in diz bitch 
With four assault rifles and 6 ?million? clips
Bulletproof beam parked outside da club
So we can shoot at yall, but u cant shoot at us
My westcoast niccas get ur bang on to diz
If u aint throwin

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