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Исполнитель: G-Unit
Название песни: Betta Ask Somebody
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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G-Unit - Betta Ask Somebody текст песни, lyrics

[50 Cent] 
I, know, you, know 
I'm, on, fiiiii-re 

[Chorus: 50 Cent] 
If, you don't know, who I be 
You betta ask somebooooody about me 
Oh - you wanna be tough nigga, a look is enough 
I put that snub nose to ya and bust nigga 
If, you don't know, who I be 
You betta ask somebooooody about me 
And they'll tell ya I'm a soldier boy 
And I done told ya, over and over boy 

[Verse One: Lloyd Banks] 
I come from a big city, the streets corrupt 
Now I'm rollin with snub-noses to heat you up 
Out here niggaz'll do anything to reach a buck 
Cause when you broke you can't afford to fuck ya sneakers up 
I take my time, keep my mind on my bank funds 
Learn how to seperate the real from the fake ones 
And on my heater nina rep what could I carry on 
My nigga just lost his momma, and his daddy gone 
From now on I can provide cause my paper's straight 
Family losin his legs, but I can take the weight 
Some niggaz hate but I'll be damned if they hold me down 
Front niggaz didn't know me then, bet they know me now 
Blunt and a smile, eventually it'll be a frown 
Cause every time I turn around a nigga locked down 
While I'm in the world, tryin to bring my loot through 
Hopin one day we can kick it like we used to, my nigga 


[Verse Two: Young Buck] 
Uhh, they never seen 26's on a Hummer 
My goal is to try to fuck Trina by the summer 
Some niggaz hate me, but they only made me 
Go and put mo' ice in my mouth than Baby (bling bling!) 
G-Unit and Shady, them dudes is crazy 
Next time, we only usin Dr. Dre's beats 
Fuck you, pay me, take your magazine flicks 
This ain't no Nelly hurr, take a good look at this 
Got the wrists of a chemist and the heart of a hustler 
Plus I probably done robbed mo' artists than Russell 
Always in trouble, you can blame my mother 
Gave birth to a gorilla and raised him in the jungle 
I ain't crawled, I stumbled across the Mexican with birds 
Papi had coke and new plates and pounds of herb 
Keep my hand on my glock, and my ear to the streets 
I'm a country boi, you can hear it when I speak 


[Verse Three: 50 Cent] 
Bentley is all dreams, G-5 is understood 
I made a nigga heart colder than December (yeah!) 
Don't take much to make my gun go off 
One shot'll make a hardrock look oh so soft (woo!) 
If you don't know you betta ask who I be 
Or end up in ICU gettin fed through a IV 
Down in the Lou', they say they feelin me derrty 
In New Orleans they say I'm that nigga, ya heard me? 
From them Southside blocks to Watts, Westside don't front 
You know about them Grapestreet Gangstas, G'd up 
Rollin that weed up 
Nigga get outta line, get shot stabbed jacked 
Hit with a bat or beat up 
Fuck that, we're on that same bullshit 
Same forty-cally glock, same full clip 
Pussy claat bwoy, ya nah wanna tak wif me 
I'm a real rudebwoy, ya nah wanna ruf wif me 


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