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Исполнитель: G-Unit
Название песни: Footprints
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1251 просмотров с 2009-04-18 22:49:20
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G-Unit - Footprints текст песни, lyrics

"Walk with meeeee..." 
[Young Buck] Ay if you hear me out there 
"Walk with meeeee..." 
[Young Buck] I get down on my knees every night and say 
"Walk with meeeee..." 
[Young Buck] Hahahaha, yeah 
"Walk with meeeee..." 
[Young Buck] I'm goin to war, I'm goin to WAR! 

[Verse One: Young Buck] 
You never know when death's comin, all you hear is gunshots 
Lil' kids get to runnin, old ladies get off the block 
When the poppin the truck music comes to a stop 
Niggaz get on the floor with they front doors locked 
Syringes and sirens the only thing on the street 
People act like they don't know who did it, but they notice me 
Every day's a death threat, but I ain't dead yet 
So I go put a hole in a nigga from the next set 
Don't know where I slept at, just know where my tec at 
It's the first of the month, my bitch ain't got her check yet 
Juvie left me in California, I don't respect that 
I love him too much to beef, so I'ma accept that 
But I'ma just step back, and focus on Buck 
Tired of ridin in yours, I'm bout to buy my own truck 
Got to try my own luck, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" 
It's G-Unit 'til I'm gone, Lord knows I ain't lyin niggaz 

[Chorus: 50 Cent - repeat 2X] 
First there was two sets of footprints in the sand 
Then there was one set of footprints in the sand 
When times get hard and shit hits the fan 
God don't walk with me, he carry me man 

[Verse Two: Young Buck] 
You don't know what I been through to get what I done got 
If you looked through a scope, you couldn't hit what I done shot 
Couldn't flip what I done copped, couldn't tip what I done topped 
I murder you all-talk like a clip without a glock 
When you holla G-Unit on some other shit 
You need to do the research, and see who you fuckin wit 
I smoke all your weed up, go run up your Beeza 
Your baby momma want me, I don't want that skeeza 
She's scratched my Beema, but I ain't seen-her 
When I catch the bitch, I'ma gangsta lean-her - WHOA 
We be playin in them videos, with them pretty hoes 
Cash bucks and the key bitches and New York City hoes 
They learned it from Lil' Kim to let they titties show 
I'm the King of the South, this is how it really goes 
Lord knows, I keep all my jewels froze 
As long as the check come, then FUCK the award shows 
You know me nigga 


[Verse Three: Young Buck] 
Half of these kids never read the Bibles 
But they can tell you how to kill a man better than I do 
The reason they fucked up, they all been lied to 
I know what it feels like when a nigga misguide you 
My momma stay in the projects and I been havin money 
I went bought her a house, but she told me she ain't want it 
(What?) Right then I understood that the hood's in my blood 
So I hollered CASH REAL, lettin 'em know where I'm from 
Niggaz know I got a gun when I come to the club 
And if it go down, you better tell your people to duck 
Why should I slow down, I just got started targettin artists 
Wait 'til the bullets start hoppin out the cartridge 
I come to get it poppin, pray to God the news watchin 
So when they see 'em snitch niggaz'll know who got 'em 
We came from the bottom to the top, from hoopties to a drop 
And kill or be killed is the attitude I got nigga 


[Young Buck] 
I know you prayin I get killed nigga 
He who fears death is in denial 
50 told you niggaz, Young Buck showed you niggaz 
Banks! FREE YAYO! 
And tell the bitch ass niggaz put they vest on 

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