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Исполнитель: Tender Pain
Название песни: What Children Fear
Альбом: Second Winter
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
1087 просмотров с 2009-04-20 14:35:19
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Tender Pain - What Children Fear текст песни, lyrics

I have no eyes but I can see,
If he knows he will flee.
I have no eyes my throat is seared,
These legs a quiver as he nears.

My mouth would water if it were not dry,
As I watch him come closer by.
I have no tongue but I can speak,
For I am cursed I'm damned for keeps.

I wait and ponder whilst I study his stride,
How I once was like him before I died.
I must have died or so it seems,
I'm older than he but look thirteen.
Much time has passed I've never grown,
My mind is ancient I'm on my own.

My head a aches as he comes my way,
I try to swallow but thirst takes sway,
I have no choice I have to follow.

I am a beast forced to feed,
Not on blood I have different needs.
Fear and misery line my plate,
Pain and suffering make it great.
As for the wine to this meal,
There's nothing better than the death I'll deal.

How he'll die no one will know,
I'm real thorough it will not show.
I keep my secrets thats the key,
For it to remain a mystery.

When it's over then I'll be whole,
For a time that is until thirst takes hold.
Once more I'll prowl seeking a meal,
In cover of darkness it's your life I'll steal.

What children fear and adults dread,
I'm much worse I scare the dead.
I must be silent for I draw near,
My prey awaits to be my meal.

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