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Исполнитель: Chingy
Название песни: Bounce That
Альбом: Hoodstar
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1343 просмотров с 2009-04-23 16:02:14
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Chingy - Bounce That текст песни, lyrics

Throw it to me baby, ima runningback
Through tha hole now, can yo boi touchdown?x2

Bounce dat ass ho [x8]
(Shake it twist it)(Twist it shake it)

Hat cocked hard headed from tha bad block
Reds flocked i'm star studded like my shamrock
Off top when I drop them bras need to pop
I told her dont stop man have you seen her pop?
God damn she hit the fan cant catch her dirty
I can, cause im the man, I am
I dont slow dance I 2 step
Tryin to chill n post up but dat Grey Goose crept
Up on me now lil mama lookin like she want this
Once I am up to bat when I hit I dont miss
And maybe u can leave wit me
And dont worry about nothin a couple of gs wit me
(Now let me see you)


Its too many niggas and not enough hos
Soon as I come through tha door
Them heffers pullin on my clothes
White t, crispy nikes wit some red and blue girbauds
Hustle a piece of game and dont be mad cuz she chose
Ching a ling, stay on tha scene
Ring diamonds in my pinky ring
You know they mean
Brush my shoulders off I stay clean, look how I gleam
Keep a gang of chickens on my team, ya know wat I mean?
You a jazzy girl, its your world
Im just trying to catch a nut, so maybe call me a squirrel
Better yet i tell ya what, ima give yo ass a referal
Come to my office in tha back and gon get it girl


Shake it twist it, Twish it shake it
You got a fine body, why dont u back dat thing up
Type of thighs make yo boy wanna back his springs up
If you throw it my way ima snatch dat thing up
Once I beat it up dem docs gon have to patch dat thing up
Yeah, I bet ya never met a playa like me
Tryin to get in dem pants I might be
Pass it to be like im Bousier
Let me ram it until I bring that ass to a closer


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